Welcome to My WordPress

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

For reasons that may be to do with employment. I’m switching my blog over to WordPress. I did think of having a work blog and a social blog, but if the world show control guru John Huntington can blog on his work and kayaking – http://www.controlgeek.net/ – then I can write about my work and all the other things I do…My old blog, mostly concerning cricket is here – http://redkencoker.blogspot.com/

Yesterday saw sun in the valley for the first time in a week, so a celebratory bike ride was called for. A brisk 28 miler took in Bamford Edge, Hathersage and then an assault on Sir William’s hill…..the latter being every bit as tedious on a bike as it is in the Eyam Half Marathon. However, a small celebration took place at the Barrel at Bretton  at 1527 feet above sea level. A brisk descent to Bradwell and then Hope, saw another small celebration at the Cheese . An excellent pint, even if the pub isn’t what it was.

Right, enough of this….probably time for a run. Just because I’m trying this out, here’s a pic of me and my road bike. Sorry about the budgie smugglers.





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