Saffy the dog blogs….

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Running

Me, after my run

Hello, and “woof” to all my fellow canines out there. As a female dog, obviously, I have little use for posts; however, on this occasion I feel the need to respond to slurs on my dog-like character made recently by my so called “master” … if! He claims that the  less than amicable split of our training partnership was caused by his concern about his mile times. This strikes me as a bit rich given that his entire training regime seems to consist of walking briskly to the Rambler Inn, feeding me biscuits and taking  on board large quantities of his special complex-carbohydrate/protein shake – brewed   created especially, he claims, by the nutritionists at Kelham Island. What he fails to mention is the variations in training patterns I brought to the partnership: he fails to mention the aerobic benefit of shouting at me while I  eat some substance from a freshly manured field; the upper body strength training of dragging me onwards through a style when I pretend I  want to go home; and the extra sprints he has to put in when he needs to save walkers’ sandwiches from me or prevent me from harassing other runners – all of which I did in the spirit of self-sacrifice for my “master’s” cause. How ungrateful can these humans be? In any case,  I am now announcing my retirement from long-distance running in order to spend more time sniffing bits of grass, eating sheep poo and chasing sticks. I know this will come as great disappointment to my friends in the world of dog athletics, but I feel the time is right to move on to pastures new. Especially pastures with lots of rabbits in.


Saffy the Dog.

PS: I will admit he’s running for a good cause, so you can sponsor him here


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