Spring may or may not have sprung…

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Running

Being a jess, deep down, I deferred yesterday’s run until today. Here’s what the Met Office forecast for yesterday:

“Overcast with heavy rain, extensive hill fog and severe gales. The rain will spread from the west early morning, then lasting for much of the day. Southwesterly winds will increase with gusts to 60mph.”

How right they were….even adopting the full wet weather gear to take the dog out wasn’t enough to make the day any less vile. However, today a big yellow thing appeared in the sky and according to my thermometer it was 23.5 degrees C on the south side of the house. This can only mean one thing:

The First Shorts of Spring

Yes…the shorts were on and the two thermal layers banished until at least Friday. Having said that, there was a very brisk SW wind that made running up to Crowden the usual battle . Astonishingly, on the home leg, the sun was out to such an extent that the jacket had to come off. Luckily,  according to the Met Office, Friday should restore us to our senses :

Cloudy with occasional rain or drizzle through the morning. …… A fresh westerly wind, feeling strong on the peaks.

So, that’s OK then. I would point out that I started my no alcohol campaign yesterday; I woke up this morning feeling terrible and it’s utterly dull…..c’est la vie…


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