A Moderate Weekend…

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Running

Not a bad weekend really, a run on the canal at Whaley rounding off a 35 mile week, The canal run was 16 mile – my longest run yet – which I managed in 2:29:12, an average of 09:15 mins/mile. Best of all, it was flat with very little wind!

Wind and terrain really does make a difference. On Friday I did a four miler; the Met Office said that there were SW winds at about 17MPH – gusting much more at higher levels.

My route was Ollerbrook/Cooper’s/Barber Booth via Shaw Wood Farm on the way out, running through the farm at BB and then dropping down to the railway viaduct to start the return leg on Tarmac:

Mile 1 : 09:45 – road/track/partial headwind
Mile 2: 10:03  – track/field/headwind
Mile 3: 08:32 – road/tailwind
Mile 4: 07:53 – road/tailwind
So a nice easterly would be great for London…no chance!

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