Saffy Returns…

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Running

Still, dear reader,the niggling calf complaint – so I’ve been taking it easy and skipped my long run this weekend. I’d rather do the marathon slowly than not at all. Two easy runs where I didn’t care about the time, one of 4.5 miles and the other just about 6.5. Taking it slowly meant I could take Saffy the Wonder Dog….and here she is:

We had a jolly romp up to Crowden, and the snow and hail didn’t really start until we were on the road back from Upper Booth, heading home. Yes, it was muddy and yes there was snow on the tops. Luckily, and thanks to a small tax rebate, I was wearing my new wonder- tights….well, a bloke has to do something on a Sunday afternoon.

A heavy week ahead, with the Retford Half Marathon next Sunday.

A lax weekend, but a good fund raising one; my sponsorship now stands at £515…thank you all!!


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