A month is a long time…..

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Running

Hello Reader…yes, all one of you…..It’s been a month since I last wrote and many things have happened. I’ve bought some new road shoes, and the dog likes them:

Well, the dog thinks they're comfortable

This week, as I taper down, I should be able to break them in for the marathon.

The twin impostors have paid a visit, with stomach aches, knee strains and all the usual stuff – culminating in a crappy 18.5 miler before Easter. However, being positive, I ran the Retford Half on March 11 in 1:49:04 – even beating the guy in a wedding dress. Yesterday saw me run 18.1 miles in 3:08, so I’m much cheered…especially as the route went from home to Win Hill and I came back from Hope on the road, uphill! We’ll see how it goes. Here’s my Retford number….oh, I’m 38376 for the marathon!

Retford Half - 1:49:04 since you ask....


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