The taper starts here..

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Music, Running

Have my

Mmm…well, at least one of the mammals in the house is getting to grips with tapering down…although she has been snuggled up with my running kit for several hours is clean.

A brisk five miler yesterday, pleasing as it was under 45 mins. A scheduled slow run today means I can take the faithful Saffy – ok fans, quieten down.

More importantly, the Elderly Brothers rehearsed yesterday; indeed, we rehearsed the acoustic set. What this means is that we play for ten minutes before realising we can’t hear anything and then mic it all up again; as someone once said, “For my monitor mix, I want everything louder than everything else”. Some new numbers were tried out, and Wally stucck to his uke mostly – although his blistering solos in some of the tunes will have pop-kids all oevr the country reaching for their air kazoos….

Most interestingly, we agreed to do a gig! Most surprisingly, the same day as the Sheffield Half Marathon – which most of us are running. As ever, we could have talked of tunes, keys and obscure Willie Dixon songs, but we chose to discuss injury niggles, mile times and whether we’d be home from the pub in time to listen to Mark’s book on Radio 4 when it was broadcast just before the shipping forecast; Mark did seem to think that there was a potential audience amongst deep sea trawlermen……His blog is here..and it’s funnier than this stuff..


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