In the City…..

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Lighting

There’s a thousand things I want to say to you…..the most important one being “Where do I send the invoice?”

So, to the big city…actually in the City, the very fine Merchant Taylors’ Hall. It’s one of the old guild halls that are quite funky to work in; it’s been rebuilt twice since since it was built, but there are bits of the original building – from 1400 ish – in the kitchen.

The day, obviously, starts at 0530 – a shower and strong coffee before the charms of the M1. Even the notion of trying to park in EC2 gives one a hole in the wallet, so let me commend parking at Cockfosters and getting the tube. At the venue by 1100, so time for a coffee and a sandwich.

Essentially, the gig is to make four spaces look good and party-like. Here’s the main room,(sorry about the quality of the pics, my camera phone used between rigging things):


It’s all pretty straightforward, but the building wasn’t really built for lugging bits of lighting kit around – having said that, there was a plentiful supply of electricity. As ever, it’s the cabling that takes the time along with trying not to knock the building about…oh, and the walking…A few hours later it starts to look ok:


Nothing better than a bit of organ lighting….ooh, matron…And while we’re at it I might as well get the Cock and Woolpack joke out of the way. It’s actually a reasonable pub, although usual City prices apply – thank goodness for the PM’s petty cash. Before we had mid evening refreshments, I should point out we did do a reasonable job:

It’s amazing what lasers and a bit of haze can do. Sadly, my little disco club room could have no haze and no strobing – although the client that was allergic to strobes took one look it the room and disappeared for the evening…oh well…..rather than subject you to another dull photograph of Rogue R2 Spot  gobos, here’s a nice artistic shot of the room featuring those very odd looking loudspeakers that sound rather good:



All this and back at Cockfosters by 0415…..although I have yet to recover from my first Uber experience……


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