An Album Cover

Posted: March 16, 2017 in Lighting, Music


Deke Leonard, the guitarist, died recently – you can read his obituary in  The Guardian . Deke, at various times, fronted the band Man. Man were one of those bands that seemed to be always gigging; they’d always be in the gig section of the NME playing somewhere and they always seemed to be support on the rare times I got up to town for a gig at the Roundhouse. I’m not sure that Man were ever going to be famous and I’m not sure I even liked them; they and their music, however, seemed to hint at a seedy career that seemed far beyond writing about Disraeli’s public health reforms and the major social themes of “Mill on the Floss”. I wish I could say the picture on the sleeve inspired me to do what I do for a living – it didn’t. It’s a poor picture taken in terrible lighting conditions one could say; one could also say that it’s a great picture that somehow represents the very murkiness of rock and roll and the half-light in which it once lived – it once lived until everyone decided they needed seventeen trucks of production. Mind you, those seventeen trucks keep a lot of people employed.

Still, as Deke said: “Be good to yourself at least once a day.”


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