Tuesday 4 April

There are some that think that April is the cruellest month and what can be crueller than a visit to Bramall Lane…..especially this season. At least it’s work. I’m doing AV for a property auction, which is oddly quite interesting. There is all kinds of property from car parks to five bedroom houses and a few fields. It’s quite relaxing and no, I don’t bid. What is less relaxing is the gents’ at Bramall Lane…


Wednesday 5 April

To the Sheffield Holiday Inn Royal Victoria for an awards ceremony, another job for the very fine TDC-AV Ltd. I’ve managed to lose the photos I took of teh event, but it was held in this very fine room:


Screen and staging were to the left of the room, with the control position where the centre fireplace is. Mostly lit with LED battens chasing red/white blue – inspired by the event’s winners having a trip to Amsterdam. The event was for Sheffield’s BiG Challenge. For those who care, the load-in is via the left-hand fire exit; a ramp with a nasty little three-step lift at the end.

Thursday 13/Friday 14 April

I know you think I’ve been going all corporate and commercial, but this should sort you out. My friend Robin from Rebellion  calls to ask if I’m free on Good Friday, as it would seem the Fat Out Festival need an LD for one of their beat-combos. The festival is at Islington Mill, one of the last pieces of old Salford left. The beat-combo in question is The Bug vs Dylan Carlson and they play music like this. There was a fairly specific lighting rider, mostly stating that tungsten rather than LED sources would be the thing, but sadly in a building with very limited power and space a large number of traditional PAR 64s are not really the thing. Thus, a couple of Chauvet R2 spots , some Cuepix blinders a some Chauvet LED PARs were the thing – all on the floor. Needless to say, the Avolites desk was deployed….if not fully:

Bug Avo

I managed to get a feel for the band by watching the Youtube clips and once they arrived managed to make a few changes to better fit their needs. It must be said that even under the pressure of tight festival schedules, Kevin and Dylan managed to remain calm and extremely pleasant. The results looked like this:


There’s a very short video here and we must have done something right as they later posted this on Twitter:

Bug 3

Thanks guys…a great gig.

Coming soon, I hope, news from Academy 3, a punk festival and a gig in a cave…..


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