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Titan Mobile and Reaper

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Show Control

I’ve been playing around with running my Titan mobile under Midi Time Code from Reaper. It works! The equally good news is that there is no longer any Scriptfile mallarkey on the Titan…..just build a cue stack on one of the playbacks and then set the basic  timecode on the internal clock – it’s about Chapter 8.6.5 in the Titan manual. 

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Open Reaper, create a new track – in this instance TIMECODE – and then Insert/SMPTE LTC/MTC Timecode Generator. Drag the event to the appropriate length. Right click/Source Properties and select Send MIDI(MTC).

Click on the track’s I/O button and select  MIDI Hardware Output to the MIDI device being used – in this case, a Midisport 2×2 :

I/O Setting

That’s about it. Select MIDI Timecode on the Titan, select the playback, start the track and the cues should fire.

Reaper and Titan


Yup, sensation seekers, if you’ve ever wondered what DMX looks like, now is your chance..Hopefully, this might be  a useful demonstration tool. Apologies for the quality of the screenshots.

You will need to  have Chamsys  and DMX-Workshop installed on your PC. If you have Win7 as your OS, then you may need to tinker with it slightly as explained on the Artistic Licence page. Open both programmes. I’m imagining that you have a basic knowledge of how ChamsysPC works – Rob Sayer has some very good tutorials here.

On the Chamsys you need to go to Set-Up/DMX I/O and see that your universes look  like this:

DMX I/O Screen

Go back to Set-Up and choose View Settings/Network. The only item that needs to be enabled is “Send to Applications on this PC”, thus:

Network Settings

Put a few channels up on the desk, make sure you have the right universe selected in DMX-Workshop, from the “Data Source” drop-down , and that should be it. In the screenshot below I’m running the Chamsys in simple mode, with levels for Channels 1&2  recorded onto Playback 1

DMX in Action

As you see from below, no expense is spared here in the lab at Coker Acres. A PC, some free software, an original Caterpillar designed by WWG, a ten quid DMX dongle and a fine cup of tea…

R&D at Coker Acres

Compose in Manchester

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Show Control


So. Somewhere on this page there’s a picture of the Titan running from a Mac. running Parallels. Geeky yes, but it impressed prospective students – actually, it impressed me. A good day, lots of interested students and a lot of heavy lifting afterwards.
I now feel the need to decompose.