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Sadly not a beer but Manchester Punk Festival. Run over two days in at least five venues, with myself doing the Saturday helped out by Subul Lodi in the afternoon.

Jolly tiring in my opinion – the final act were a skate punk band from Canada; an odd choice for a punk festival but they were every bit as pleasant as one might expect a Canadian skate punk band to be….


No, not Reigate Grammar School….repetitive gig syndrome; it’s most common sympton is the inability to remember if one has actually worked with a band and where – the sufferer might also might only remember where he or she was on a particular day by looking at the old passes on their Peli. (Oh, if anyone sees my Peli do let me know.) I had a bout of RGS recently – I knew I’d be doing something a week ago but had no idea what. Luckily, my diary said Keywest, Academy 3 .

Academy 3 is actually a well resourced venue even if the kit is a bit old. Lots of lights and plenty of opportunities for creating layers. The band brought with them some entertaining Stairville Blinders which, if one sets them to maximum DMX channels, allows one to write rude messages…..or the band’s name! A nice bunch, as it happens.



Going Mobile….April 21

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As Sir Pete puts it… I’m here …

The Commercial World

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The commercial world? Well, it pays the rent..and it’s usually warm and dry – something not to be ignored at this time of year. The hours can be long, the client is always right and hotel carpets can present a challenge first thing in the morning.


Very rarely do I get a design brief – I work in small to medium scale events – often, if not always, making the design up as I open the flight cases… if I ever make up lighting designs.  The above picture is how we generally find a room – although properly rigged trussing as seen here is a rarity. To be fair, any trussing is a rarity.

This particular event was for an estate agency/surveying company and seemed to be their annual staff get together and briefing. Held at the Hilton Metropole on  the Birmingham NEC site – which was also hosting the European Elvis Championships – there was a day load-in, an evening dinner and then a whole day of presentations.


And it looks like the above after a day of toil. Lots of Chauvet LED battens along the back, the usual collection of profile and fresnels to light the stage area and lecterns and half a dozen Martin Quantum Washes to do all the whizzy bits for the presenters walking up… know the kind of thing I’m sure.

Many technicians find this kind of gig rather dull, but I actually quite like them. Often one learns something new and on this gig there was a particularly impressive female CEO – who not only answered some tough questions from the workforce, but joked with me about doing Pilates. There were two interesting keynote speakers: Mark Gallagher gave an interesting talk about F1 – and I have NO interest in F1 – including a very illuminating story about Dave the bus driver; a chap called Jim Lawless gave a presentation about his concept of “Taming Tigers”. This included some rather amusing footage of him falling off horses as he trained to be a jockey in a year. A good chap, he’d memorised everyone’s name in seconds – a skill I wish I could master. (Health warning: if you’re reading the book about the Chimp Paradox and Taming Tigers you may well need help……from a zoologist I would suggest.)

The clients seemed pleased and we had the truck packed by 1830 – we were even thanked from the stage by one of the senior managers . For those of you who like that kind of thing, here’s the circus leaving town.

20170106_165558 20170106_165546

Time to start again…?

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Water under bridge; daughter at university; 0530 on a rainy Thursday morning….must be time to start the blog again; it has to be a way of making “Wake Up to Money” on R5 more interesting….

No idea why I’ve been awake since 0330…it may have been the cheese…Still, I’ve managed to read a lot of this:


…..and jolly good it is too.

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A splendid weekend with Ian and Liz Loffhagen.

After a very long journey, it was great to spend a weekend with Ian & Liz. Great food, good wine and a very decent part of beer or two…..yes, I relaxed my self-imposed ban; six days to go, so a pint will make no difference. Saturday was a great day; the Grand National, a brisk three-miler around the headland followed by a pint in a pub on the beach. Oh, and we played doing things with boats – actually a large F31 folding trimaran.

Sunday was pretty groovy too – into the shop in Pwllheli and then a 12-miler along the coast to Abersoch and back. It must be mentioned that smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels followed the run. …..I may move my training base down here should I be nuts enough to do this again. The last half mile was bliss; flat, sunny and with a massive tailwind. To be fair, there had been a strong but fairly neutral cross-wind most of the run. 1:46 for the 12, since you ask.

Photos to follow

It was all going so well….

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The rain had stopped; my daughter was cheery; the dog was walked…..I was even escaping the drilling from next door. Pity, then, I didn’t read the train times on the ticket………still, £31 in excess fare later I am heading south to Wolverhampton….