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Sadly not a beer but Manchester Punk Festival. Run over two days in at least five venues, with myself doing the Saturday helped out by Subul Lodi in the afternoon.

Jolly tiring in my opinion – the final act were a skate punk band from Canada; an odd choice for a punk festival but they were every bit as pleasant as one might expect a Canadian skate punk band to be….


No, not Reigate Grammar School….repetitive gig syndrome; it’s most common sympton is the inability to remember if one has actually worked with a band and where – the sufferer might also might only remember where he or she was on a particular day by looking at the old passes on their Peli. (Oh, if anyone sees my Peli do let me know.) I had a bout of RGS recently – I knew I’d be doing something a week ago but had no idea what. Luckily, my diary said Keywest, Academy 3 .

Academy 3 is actually a well resourced venue even if the kit is a bit old. Lots of lights and plenty of opportunities for creating layers. The band brought with them some entertaining Stairville Blinders which, if one sets them to maximum DMX channels, allows one to write rude messages…..or the band’s name! A nice bunch, as it happens.



And while we’re celebrating triumphs from last summer, here’s the  only video I can find of the gig . Thanks to Rob and the crew at Fineline Lighting. (For those of a historical bent, this was the day I woke up to find we had voted to leave the EU…)


Once more, the mighty  Dub Sex at Manchester Academy, December 2016.

Lighting by me, video directed and edited by Andrew Obaje.

It’s an old article from the summer….but why not…it’s my blog. Respect to Steve Warren and the Avo team..


Here’s Dub Sex in Manchester Academy, December 2016.  Lighting by me, video directed and edited by Andrew Obaje.


Here’s a video I lit for Gary Numan. It was 2002 and the single got to 29 in the charts. It was shot in the Carriage Works at Woolwich Arsenal and Gary’s mum was the location caterer. My friend Paul J Need was gaffer and Simon Thomas was the production manager